Monday, March 23, 2009

Welcome to my blog

Hello, my name is James Lindquist and I was born on March 5, 1943 as James Carl Warren. . .Maybe I should explain.

In 1994, I developed an interest in writing and began taking a writing class at the local PCC College. This class would eventually change my life.

When I started the class I didn't know an adverb from a noun. Therefore, to work in the inter-active class, I created the title, theme, and storyline of Deadly Port. I didn't know it at the time but my writing would change from fiction to nonfiction and the desire to help other Christians through my writing.

When I first started writing fiction and nonfiction I needed a way to differentiate between the two for my readers. Therefore, in honor of my deceased Swedish mom, I began writing nonfiction under the pseudonym of James Lindquist, which was her maiden name. I no longer write secular fiction and have devoted my entire writing career to the Lord.

My passion is writing and I believe that this is the God mandated purpose for my life. I now write both nonfiction and fiction under the same name, James Lindquist. I am even in the process of changing the secular version of Deadly Port to a Christian version.

I am the author of four books: The Final Cup, The Rose of Sharon, This Side of the River, and Deadly Port. You can read the blurbs and previews on my Website -

Briefly, The Final Cup is a nonfiction book about our vertical and horizontal relationships written in parallel terms. The emphasis is on Christ.

The Rose of Sharon is another nonfiction book and is a teaching on the Bride of Christ using the same parallel relationships but with emphasis on the Bride.

This Side of the River is a nonfiction book that helps people go through the devastation of divorce.

Deadly Port is a fiction book and although it is a murder suspense story the theme is prayer.

I have published The Final Cup and I am in the process of preparing The Rose of Sharon for publication. Deadly Port is thirty percent complete and I have about four or five pages of notes for This Side of the River. I'll keep you posted on their progress.

In order to further my craft, I enrolled in the Christian Writers Guild, which is based in Colorado. It is run and owned by Jerry Jenkins of The Left Behind series. I have completed the Apprenticeship level and am fourteen lessons into the Journeyman's level, which puts me half way through the course.

My personal goal is traditionally to publish my work. This is a hard enough task especially if you are on your own with no help. Only 2% of manuscripts are ever accepted. Literally tens of thousands of manuscripts cross an editor's desk daily, so they look for reasons to throw your work into the slush pile (rejection) and continue to look for the next great writing star.

Although going to school does not guarantee publication, you have a head start on those who do not. Since I am writing for the Lord, I want to do everything in my power to do the best job that I can and learn how to accomplish this goal. This means school and learning the proper way to write.

If any of you are interested in writing, I highly recommend that you check them out at this link CWG. They have a great staff of teachers and a very good critiquing service. They provided me the best critique that I have ever received on any of my work. Give them a look-see.

I will cover a lot of subjects here but my passions are family, marriage, and relationship. All subjects will be Bible oriented. I may throw in a few political discussions now and then to keep up with the times because it is prudent for us to stay vigilant and keep abreast of what’s in store for not only us but for America and the world. If you want a topic discussed, please feel free to comment to that effect.

Have you ever heard someone say, “I know God is in my heart, I just don’t feel His presence?" In my first blog, I give my personal account and prove to myself, at least, that God is always there – in, Life without God. I will post April 1st. Until then, God bless each and every one of you.

Your host
James Lindquist