Monday, March 8, 2010

God's Plan for Man in One Page

•God is love and wanted a Bride for Christ to share and give that love.
•God created the spirit of man in the image of Christ, which is righteousness and holiness.
•For the Bride to love Him with her own volition, she needed to have choice.
•God gave her the capacity for choice by giving her a physical body and a soul.
•Then God planted the serpent in the Garden of Eden to give her choices.
•The serpent beguiles Eve and Adam sins by also taking a bite out of apple.
•God cursed Adam and Eve and banned them from the Garden. He had to because He is holy and it was necessary for them to grow into being the Bride. Now man could accept or reject God. Without choice, you render love meaningless.
•The entire Word of God teaches man and woman the affects of sin, what that sin does to you, and also gives steps on how to get back to Christ along with the original intent of God in the Garden of Eden, which is a Bride for Christ and children for Him.
•Christ came to purchase His Bride through His death on the Cross.
•To enter into the Kingdom of God and to be part of the body of Christ, man had to be born again – in Spirit, just like God had first created him – as spirit. Only now, man had choice. The Bride could love Christ on her own volition.
•There is a time of preparation as man’s spirit grows “in Christ” and becomes mature.
•It will take hundreds of thousands, if not millions of spirits, to be strong enough to be the Bride of Christ each being a part of His body.
•Because Christ gave His life for His Bride, His Bride will have to give her life for Him when the mark of the beast comes upon the world. We will see who really believes when the man comes with the stamp for the back of the hand.
•We will then reign in heaven with Christ, as His Bride, forever.
•It will have come full circle and Christ has His spiritual Bride who loves Him of her own volition.