Monday, April 19, 2010

Serving God

After listening to the pastor preach, the choir singing, the ushers ushering, and the helpers helping, I thought to myself, Hey, I love God just as much as they do. What can I do for God? When will the Lord give me something to do? I had those thoughts for quite a spell before I learned a good lesson.

After we accept the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, we are so on fire for Him that our first instinct is to do something for Him. The natural progression of things causes our focus to shift to serving Him instead of spending time at His feet. We are so excited about what God has done for us that we want to do something for Him in return.

Serving God is a sincere gesture in the beginning but it eventually leads into ministry as a main focus. As I look back at that mindset, I realize its futility. How could I possibly do anything for a God who has, by His spoken words only , created a universe? I am not saying that service is wrong or not needed, but sometimes we can get caught up in the works of Martha.

The good part of Mary is His love and grace for us, and our love, adoration, and worship for Him - at His feet. Besides obedience, this is all that God needs from us anyway. I have learned that it isn’t so much the doing things for God but doing things with God that is important.